The green fiber of the future

A conscious process

Linen is the oldest and rarest natural fabric in the world: cool, innovative, and kind to our environment.

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, we have crafted our collections from this versatile and sustainable fiber made from flax plants grown in Europe, using a fully ecological process that respects universally recognized ethical values.

A renewable resource

The linen plant not only has minimal environmental impact but can also absorb up to 3,7 T of Co2 per year. It does not require artificial irrigation and can grow with just rainwater.

Plus, defertilization or defoliation is not needed, after the harvest roots remain in the earth fertilizing and reclaiming the land. Therefore, we could say that linen is a renewable resource that can be used to its full potential without any waste whatsoever.

A feeling of natural luxury

Dressed in a garment made of pure linen is a unique and luxurious choice that engages the wearer in a pleasurable sensorial experience.

Versatile, breathable, and hypoallergenic, and because of its fine fibers, our natural linen becomes softer and incredibly more comfortable as it is worn or washed.

This creates a distinctive relaxed ‘crumpled’ appearance that breathes life into our elegant garments that evolves with you for years in your wardrobe.


A range of elegant and Timeless styles in classic white to vibrant shades and tones that will define your lifestyle and elevate your wardrobe in natural comfort and chic designs.

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